If I can offer you any piece of advice it would be this:
Live now. Life is too damn short to simply wish things were different.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


suppose it was you that opened my eyes
crawled with me through open senses
minute by minute
line by line
suppose holding hands
rather than holding time
was the reason we fell short
was the reason i fell behind

suppose we did the math
found the logic
found a trend
suppose all it added up to
were variables of lost lovers
lost friends

suppose i've been scared all along
searching for the same pattern
the same story
the same reply
suppose fear also gripped my hand
paralyzed my legs
asked the question why
suppose that would make a difference
make you care
make you try....
suppose then that the smiles you wear
become shadows in every other tear i cry

suppose moment by moment
this heart has gone up for grabs
piece by piece
torn for the taking
suppose every inch of you
has turned into every inch of my memory...
history in the making

suppose minutes and senses
melt away
stop dead in their tracks
suppose i'm losing time
losing focus
losing that feeling....

suppose i never get it back