If I can offer you any piece of advice it would be this:
Live now. Life is too damn short to simply wish things were different.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For You

on this lonely night,
smoke rings fill the air
like thoughts of you fill my mind

what can be done about the untouchable
figment of my imagination that seems too real
to ever let go of
to let float back into this unforgivable universe?

with hands tied behind my back
and blind eyes leading my footsteps
i guess at the trail that lies ahead of me
and trust that the bounding trees of the redwood
won't get in my way
but rather, surround us on that unforgettable day
of you and i
you and i baby,
you and i....

my thoughts get tangled in circumstantial words
and bound by influential perceptions
of denying eyes

but then, perhaps that's a good thing
for i could never be arrogant enough to assume that
your eyes
and my heart are connecting
for all i know its my presence alone
that you're rejecting
and that's fine.

all i need you to hear are my words that speak the following:
you, all of you
your heart, your eyes,
your body, your being,
your presence,
your essence,
is more than much of this world will ever fully grasp
and understand
in the most beautifully tragic sense

but for me....
to me....
you are everything i want and can never have
you are the spirit of the earth
that pulls me from my deepest nightmares
and into my most beautiful dreams
you are what i know to be...
what God himself...
created for me.

I love you

Monday, March 16, 2009

Direction -Less

My amazingly wonderful friend Nikki presented me with a little challenge yesterday. She dared me to take a word from each line from my post "Habit (21 lines)" to see if I could make a poem out of those 21 words. Well, I kind of misunderstood the assignment and went a little crazy on it. I did as she instructed and pulled 1 word from each line of the poem. But instead of creating a poem out of those 21 words (which she actually did beautifully) I created a new poem in the "21 line" format but with a completely new focus and direction, ironically called "Direction-Less." The poem still follows the theory that doing something 21 times can create a habit.

Direction – less

1. i locked the door inside my house like I locked myself inside this habit
2. my habit that has no windows to break through
3. walls to hide me, fire alarms to sound. The one that drowned down
4. a far reaching dream that my heart still screams to at night
5. and implores me to spend more time with
6. rather than chasing lost thoughts around promises and possibility
7. fate knocking and destiny. So I took a moment to lie on the ground beside
8. the footprints of honest experience and effort that had walked before me
9. derived from a language injected with resolution and fight
10. and I saw images of intentional prints that were leftover from the strong and steadfast
11. individuals that stayed focused and surpassed those still wrapped inside indolent ideals of what should be
12. as opposed to what could be. Images that invaded my soul, marched around my heart
13. and left their own prints, indentations down my spine
14. each and every one indicating who I’ve been in past lives and who I am yet to become
15. who I will become if I follow my own journey, live out my own dreams
16. dreams my heart has been dying to transform into habits
17. and just then I realized how terrifying such thoughts, such sentiments used to be
18. habitual love, freedom, thought….habitually living life had never been me
19. but my time pressed to the ground must have been a wish made by my heart
20. because those prints down my spine now surround my body with peace
21. and my footprints are now pointing intentionally and in a new direction, and that direction is East


i tossed my unwanted baggage
and packed only what i could hold
in the passenger seat....
where you used to sit

it was going to be a long trip
with the west in my rearview
a long, winding
road back to a familiar
new place
full of long lost memories
and those yet to be made

it wasn't easy to say goodbye
to present connections, intentions
and i fear it may be even harder to say
hello to the past
but it's something i knew had to be done
something larger than me
pulling me
reminding me
of future goals
i'd never made

and i fear there will be mixed emotions when i go
of immediate affliction
that will quickly transform
into long term listlessness
which is the very reason why
i think i've overstayed my welcome

I'd painted over the truth for far too long
with surface level assurances
that i thought for sure could last...

but the last thing i remember
was lost and delirious activity
full of intoxicating conversation
filling a 22 ounce glass that i chugged
every day before work without hesitation
focusing intense dedication
to wild nights
in wild desperation
while i watched
and waited
for the next bedside destination...
to get wild on

i loved and learned
grew deeper
and deeper connections were later made
upon rocks
upon sand
upon my hands
that held hearts
i was destined to unfold
and others i was never fully equipped to hold
my heart sat upon her hands
and she broke it
some of these memories
are in the passenger seat where you used to sit
while the others sit in a trash bag
on my old street corner

the salt from the pacific
resonates on my tongue
as i watch it disappear
in the rearview
and lingering gratitude
dances upon my heart
and soul
as you disappear too

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Habit (21 Lines)

1. I’ve got 21 lines to become a habit
2. you won’t want to break
3. so let me break it down for you like this
4. my love, I dream about your lips, your smile
5. pressed against mine. I dream about time
6. transferred from thoughts of you
7. to time beside you, inside you, time that takes 21 lines
8. to slide into the future of me and you. Because let’s be honest, you –
9. you carve one solid line across my chest in a language that I don’t speak and you got me
10. you got me wrapped around your finger. So I’ll take your 20 leftover lines, add ‘em to mine
11. and perhaps double my chances to wrap myself around your energy,
12. your essence, your presence that invades my daydreams
13. and seems to fire me up and cool me down all in the same thought.
14. It’s now become a responsibility of mine
15. to attempt to write myself out of these 21 lines
16. and into your heart. A responsibility I’ve been dying to take on cause you
17. you’re the one that stays on my mind and keeps me alive. A stunning and terrifying thought.
18. a thought that reflects off the moon when I look into your eyes. My love,
19. my muse, try not to confuse these lines with anything more than a wish,
20. 21 complicated thoughts that surround a desire, a response to some kind of sign
21. pointing in your direction, 21 times, in hopes to become your habit, in 21 lines.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Reason Why

theres a reason why I’m gone
and you’re still there
(Inspired by the lyrics of Rachel Yamagata’s “Reason Why”)

looking back with no regret
and my heart in debt
to receiving
all you could give at the time
I’m just wondering if you’ve figured it out yet
the way I figured
and didn’t forget
it was my heart I chose to bare
in an effort to share
the oh so familiar
along with the silently rare
sides of me

baby I tried to make you see
the degree
of the crucial sincerity
locked up inside of me
and how you effortlessly
opened me up
when you talked deep
made my thoughts come cheap
and allowed me to sleep
inside of you

but baby…theres a reason why I’m gone
and you’re still there

my intentions became my actions
while yours fluidly waxed and waned
in your unexplained
frame of mind
while I never complained
and by the same token
I simply patched over the unspoken
with lilies and lavender
dope little ditties
and praising your pity
every chance I got

every chance became my seconds.
until I eventually forgot the ways
you could make me laugh
and all those other fun and silly clich├ęs
that all fades
into an unrecognizable haze

now baby…theres a reason why I’m gone
and you’re still there

those eyes that began to appear
overridden with fear
glistening through each and every tear
that fell down your cheek

confessing your love
confessing the internal war
expressing your love
expressing it behind a closed door
and now suppressing your love
cause I just couldn’t take it anymore

unable to claim the identity desired
because it was unappreciated by the masses
clinching to the hope that the discomfort of living a lie
it passes
telling yourself that the grass is
always greener
in the pastures where the mind is the majority rule
over the heart
and baby…that’s all that sets us apart.

theres a reason why I’m gone
and you’re still there

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here We Are Now

here we are now
after drowning tears
and hearts full of discouraging fears
here we are now…


do you remember how scared we were?
how unsure
or so we thought

you understood me
you got me
and I wanted nothing more
than to get you….
out of her world
and into mine

circumstances that revolved within our universe
have become but drops in an ocean
now flowing freely
between your heart and mine

the reality of turning our secret meetings
into consistent
seemed unattainable

the opportunity to articulate
eternal emotion
in a decoded language
seemed idealistic

and as I glance down at you now
laying in my arms
so peacefully
so stunningly
I’m taking every opportunity
to say thank you
I’m grateful
I’m indebted
to the person you’ve allowed me to be
to the reality
you and I have come to see

here we are now…


Monday, March 2, 2009

Start where you are....

and be patient

I laid in a wish
closed my eyes
and hoped to wake in reality

it was still just a wish

I wrapped my arms around hope
gripped tightly
until the only thing I could feel…
was me

it was still just hope

I made love to a dream
penetrating minds
and hearts dancing
until I came….
back to life

it was still just a dream

patience is where i am.
constantly practicing patience
with the pace
at which my heart and mind race

patience is where I am….
patience with my world….
with my reality….

and i’m doing my best to be patient…
I’m doing my best to just be.