If I can offer you any piece of advice it would be this:
Live now. Life is too damn short to simply wish things were different.

Friday, October 8, 2010

living life to the fullest

living life to the fullest
somewhere, somehow
through a downward spiral
of thoughtful consciousness progress
began to shed it’s mindless, originating
complex and full of heart pounding
alarms sounding
the end of a day,
a minute
a second
constantly calculating the life lived in the seconds that passed
trying to right the wrongs before the next second should pass
cause it could be the last
forcing us to act fast
to make that second count, make it last

hurried in a flurried
unfocused frenzy
of a race against the clock now
surface sentiments passed through generations
from the top down
burning out, refocusing
and drawing it to a stop now
is no longer a preference or opinion
it’s all that we’ve got now
the required revision
to the well intended definition
of life to the fullest
we all ought to be livin

so we take some steps back
to get a better view
of the factual fragments that define full
varying from life to life
from me to you
and find the one common clue
that life lived to the fullest
embraces every moment it lived through

the highs, the lows
the black and the blue
white lies you held on to
broken hearts that laid on you
projected fears driven in you
peer pressure given into
a milestone 
a breakthrough
dreams that slipped through finger tips
and the ones they held onto
saw follow through
lies minds convinced bodies to be  true
open hearts and eyes reminding the body
of everything it already knew to be true
the hurt a life will never undo
the love a life will forever shine through
living life to the fullest is embracing
the wars we’ve won
the lessons we’ve learned
and everything in between
seeing the beauty in ugly
the spontaneity in routine
the moment cognitive knowledge
transfers to the emotion
and we fully understand what it means
to live every moment of this life to the fullest
living in our reality
the life we always pictured in our dreams