If I can offer you any piece of advice it would be this:
Live now. Life is too damn short to simply wish things were different.

Friday, October 23, 2009


this here...
this is my abundance
the place that i sing and dance in
praise and prance in
keep my feet planted with my tall stance in
and remain unfettered through every lonely night
and those that we romance in
this is my abundance

my abundance
is the combination of yesterdays tears
and tomorrows blank slate
reminders that relate
morals and values
to every new step that i take
every new move that i make
as i sketch and create
every inch of my character every reaction every trait
connecting the dots that fluently formulate
this fate
this is my abundance

my abundance
the things we call wishes
hopes and dreams
freedom of love
freedom of creation
freedom of speech
the life we renounce
and assume is just out of reach

my abundance
transforms it all
into the creation of love
i see now and forever
right before my eyes
everything i want
flows freely in endless supplies
everything i want to be
becomes everything I am
amidst every success, every fail
every question and every try
this is my abundance

and the most beautiful truth
of my abundance
is that its your abundance too
the description of your perfect world
has already come true
its just sitting
and waiting
for what may be a very long overdue
introduction to the owner of this abundance
the creator of this world
it's patiently waiting
for you

what are you waiting for?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is Tyra Banks Fat?

I wrote this poem about a year and a half ago and it's posting is long overdue. A little background: I was working late one night, doing some research on the internet and one of those annoying "pop up ads" threw itself onto my computer screen. The ad was a picture of Tyra Banks and all it said was "Is Tyra Banks fat?" I had so many thoughts run through my head when I saw this ad....mainly..."really? who the hell cares if she's fat?" But then I could feel myself getting angry and so I wrote:
Is Tyra Banks fat?

thats what the ad
wanted to ask
a task
that prompted me to pull out my oxygen mask
to keep my pulse from stopping
my temperature from dropping
my eyes from popping
out of my head
into this question
and then back into my head

and my mind is doing everything it can to try
and contrive
the very reasons why
I’d even want to stay alive
in a world that projects and promotes
such questions and quotes
that only denotes
the f*%ked up vision that society plasters and coats
on insecure minds
resulting in holes in throats
and suicide notes

yeah you better start takin notes
cause your kids are next
the focal point subjects
destined to start developing the complex
of seeing through the faulty and imperfection specs
that turn their bodies and souls into objects
and projects
for ads like this one
to start slicin
and dicin
their bodies from the outside
penetrating deep into their insides
where it ultimately stands to reside
sitting beside
the heart
convincing it’s the only one to confide in

and so it slides in
and begins to plant its seed
and it’s not makin a baby
but it’s makin a need
to mislead
the unsuspecting minds of the false definition of succeed
so now the only hunger pains that you gotta feed
are the ones that are screaming for more speed
not the ones in miles per hour
but rather the pills that you devour
praying it can keep you from taking that second bite
f*%k bein polite
cause this sh#t ain’t right

in fact it’s rather sad
that the person that produced that ad
can probably recall the very time they had
all sense of confidence and self-esteem
disappear like an out of style fad

so maybe next time you could ask
“what are you most passionate about”
or ask me to lay my dreams flat
for your sake and mine
let’s try to get a little bit deeper than askin me
if Tyra Banks is fat


To those select, special few in my life that define friendship, compassion and love. To those select, special few in my life that make every single day a blessing. To those select, special few in my life that define home for me. This one is for you:
they say that home is where the heart is
but what happens when you’ve misplaced your heart…

to find that answer
I had to retrace my steps
take it back to the start
when it came time to depart
on my long distance journey
recalling and recounting
every moment that taught me
and turned me
toward every touch
every feeling that loved me
and burned me
every step along the way that ultimately returned me
to the moment I’ve only ever really known to be true
each and every moment
I met each and every one of you

scattered encounters
that delicately graced
my space
with intense individuality
igniting sparks
upon my heart
through passionate personality
open arms
open minds
with the same peace like mentality
wrapping me up in one consistent commonality….

for which you all seem to have an endless supply
it melts into my skin
until you can see it in my eyes
where it begins to reprise
music to my ears through night ridden skies
moments and outcomes I consistently revise
morphing the magic from the words of the wise
into boundless energy
changing this world
changing this girl
because of this love
because of these ties
because of you

each of you
harboring an internal fashion
that dresses up my heart,
my soul
and my mind
chiseling away the rough cracks and corners
of this wall I hide behind
painting pictures
of a path I’ve worked so hard to find
with the faces of numberless clocks
that have given me
selfless love
in endless time…
time that has now given me the opportunity to remind
each of you
where my heart is

home is where the heart is…
an expression I had to live
for my heart to believe it true
all of you keep my heart alive
and I know I’m home
when I’m with each and every one of you

Monday, October 12, 2009

Magazine Cover

more than half of the corporations that produce magazines "for" women, offering clever tips to women on how to look young and "beautiful" are owned or run by men. seem strange? it did to me. thus these words flowed quickly:

insecure, slanderous comments you throw in my direction make me sick
perching yourself on a pedestal simply because you have a dick
i'm so disturbed by these thoughts that seem to make you tick
'cause there's no limit to the transgression you consistently inflict
on my sole sex

deeming yourself one of the usual suspects
as i'm rest
assured, that my breast
have made me an object of your desire
that the unveiling of my legs lights your libido afire
and that my body having a mind attached is something you clearly don't require

i see it on your magazine covers
"15 ways to please him as your lover"
"keep yourself fit and give him something fun to discover"
and then when he breaks up with your ass
"we've got 10 quick ways for you to recover"

and now let's turn the page for a "brand new make up that can reduce your age"
"10 more reasons for a proper little girl to quiet her rage"
"are you the only one of your friends left single?
well we've got 10 quick ways for you to get engaged"
and here's an entire article on why you need to be on a diet
whats that?
you're only 10 years old?
it's all good, we still think you should try it
you need some insecurities?
no worries
we'll supply it

and this is nothing new
really no big surprise
the boundaries you want to hold me in
based on your surmise
soundless subjugation because i bleed between my thighs
keeps me characterized
as a lost little girl
runnin around this big bad world
with little or no room to unfurl
sentiment of originality
all sides of my personality
or god forbid i let loose my sexuality...
on my own terms
which only confirms
your hesitation
of allowing a woman to rule this great nation
i mean, why bother hearing the voice of the entire population
while you're sitting happily atop your beautiful united states of segregation
one nation
under the subtle incantation
with discrimination
and misinformation
for all!

for now i'm hard to handle
an object of critique
'cause my emotional instability has made me weak
sending me up shits creek
with an aging antiqued
'cause the circles under my eyes
and the extra pounds around my thighs
is what CLEARLY overrides
any wise ties
i've made in my life

it's a viscous cycle and i can't break it
and even though i didn't help make it
i'm forced to partake in it
but make no mistake in it

i'll fight back against the insanity
a place engulfed in such vicious vanity
with perfect profanity
for the sake of my own sanity...
to set myself free
from your definition of a woman's beauty...
you're definition...
a male definition

yeah, you better believe i'll be screaming the opposition
and i'm no politician
just a marvelous, mastering, muttering magician
perfectly place in my pivotal position
to create my own rendition
of what beauty is....

look to your left
look to your right
look in the mirror
embrace that beautiful sight


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yes. No. Maybe.

Questions and concerns that fill our head
Don’t compare to the journey that lies just ahead
So instead
Of worrying our minds right down to the bone
We accept self speak only in the positive tone
And take solace in the mystery of the unknown
We hone
In on new experience
New opportunity
New ways to learn
We earn
More ways to love
More ways to live
More than we ever expected in return
We find our strength
Our peace
Beyond outcomes
And any false guarantee
Beyond the intention
Of convention
In any
Or maybe…