If I can offer you any piece of advice it would be this:
Live now. Life is too damn short to simply wish things were different.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This poem was created from a fantastic day of texting word associations back and forth with a dear friend of mine.  The words are listed at the top with the poem created from the words below.  Thank you for the inspiration jm :)

Cloud, Lavender, Breeze, Ease, Trees, Swing, Free, Surrender, Release, Receive, Believe, Commit, Fear, Time, Mind, Find, Strength, Wisdom, Truth, Exposed, Vulnerable, Silence, Death, Peace, Friends, Home

clouds of broken promises
fill my skies
mimicking the tears
that fill my eyes
laves of lavender scents
swim with ease
like a cool breeze between my joints
bending and breaking like branches
of trees 
just to make a point

to swing free
truly free in what we’ll call
this tree of life
it will take far more than surrender….
it takes surrendering the release
of all that you give and receive…
of all that you believe

to be free
to the core
through so much more
than how you appear
you must submit
take the time
and face the fear
free your mind
before you find
strength that is born through the wisdom
through the years
seek the truth
inside you
demand the hidden become exposed
become vulnerable
become sincere

silence and solitude through mind
and soul
can create life from death
peace from war
a circle of love
in the form of friends
the very place…
if lucky enough….
you will call home
in the end

Taken in Vain

This one is a bit heavy...just needed to write it :)

I wanna transform every single word
in every last poem I write
into the same
filled daggers you used
to finish off my broken
and bleeding heart with
and so I start with
the sullen, the somber, the mundane
spirit that captured my heart
and then bound it in chains
the same
repetitious and vicious
that worked my very last nerve
while working it’s way through my veins
giving birth to the addict
that now shakes and twitches
with the very utterance of your voice
and the very call of your name

I wanna use my lines to make clear
to every hopeful heart
bearing and open mind and an open ear
of what you left behind
every promising smile
the remnants and reality of a hopeless tear
one upon the other
endlessly flowing into your ocean of fear
leaving the only hope for survival
the grip around the life vest
found strapped around my tight chest
strangling the metaphoric representation of how you kept your distance
while keeping me near
only to be found
at the bottom
in your ocean
of my tears
I wanna make it clear

clear as the charcoal gray
answers you used to spew
when I would ask you
“are you still in love with me”
“were you ever in love with me?”
i wanna make your stomach flutter
in the same way that her words stuttered
falling from her mouth
trying to find some excuse 
to cover up the truth
just long enough
for my heart and mind to call a truce
letting the thought once again run loose that
yeah….she’s still in love with me

and I have no idea what in the world
she could have possibly used
as content
to make me believe such nonsense
that in an instant could turn my defense
to offense...
but shit if it didn’t work…

thats how my heart would describe
the breakdown
of the pain now
how the hollow need
to have another believe
that the deepest love
she claimed to live
to give
and receive
was really nothing more
than the unresolved issues
of broken promises
broken bones
and a broken past
a gift wrapped heart
assembly required
turning true love into a task
a lengthy list built to outlast
the semantics
hopeless romantics
harbor to hold any hopes
of actually making love last

shit happened fast
yet feels like years upon my weak
and weary spirit
while time
me to feel it
sit and listen
and really hear it
as it works to rebuild, repair
and regain
a renewed vision of love
wiped clean
of the love
that was taken in vain

In Order

in the order its all supposed to happen
we take stock of the life that’s been dealt
the past, the present and the future
the hearts we’ve broken
and the ones we’ve felt

in order to make our way
pave our path
and stake our claim
we make sense of the puzzle pieces that once fit
rework the outcome
regroup and reclaim

in the same
order, yet different
this time with more focus,
direction, intent
we rework and reorder our lives
aligning ourselves to the natural order of life
rather than defining it by

in order for such transformation
to take time
to take place
no single life alone
can find the finish line to this race
in fact many lives are necessary to join in
to set the pace
to remind us all
there is no finish line,
only the order
that our journey
must take

and its true that journey is ours
and ours alone
many lives can only support
and help guide the way
but trust when I say
the support of unconditional love
light the streets along the journey
in order to feel like its worth it
to keep fighting every second
of every day

and sometimes, in order to make sense of it all
simple minds create labels,
and trends
when in the end
any order is disorder that’s all
without the love and support of your friends

and perhaps it’s a simple mind
that let these simple words
fall all over these pages
unravel and unfurl
but I can assure you
there is nothing simple in the order
of the ways these friends
saved the life
of this